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Bass repair

August 5th, 2008

I bought a new 500K log potentiometer to replace the crackling one in the bass. I’m still amazed that they (Aria pro II) use such cheap potentiometers in there instruments, good ones (or even average ones) can’t be that expensive compared to the cost to make the rest of the instrument, can they. The local electronics dealer (Bric’ Electronic) doesn’t have much choice as usual. In this case they didn’t have potentiometers with short poles, so I had to saw a new one up to get the right length to fit the knob. I also had to glue the front pickup that somehow became unstuck.

I played for a few hours yesterday. I really love it. After playing the guitar, finding the notes on a bass is really easy, and you can focus on melodies instead of chords. The hard part now is the left hand technique. I seem to miss some muscle power especially in my weaker fingers, but I’m sure this is at least partly due to bad fingering. I’ll have to record something, just to keep track of my progress.

Jam session presents

July 31st, 2008


We had a little jam session at home yesterday night. There weren’t as many musicians as 3 weeks ago, but I had some fun playing jazzy stuff on the piano along with Sandy on the (latino) guitar and Aurélien (percussions), and a nice chord progression ( AM7 / B7 / D7 E7 / AM7 ) with Damien (tenor sax).

I should really find a way to record those evenings without being too invasive. Some people have bought the [Zoom H4 “Handy Recorder”][zoom_h4], which I must admit is really nice. It’s also a little expensive and I’d be more interested in making something myself. I also need an audio mixer so several instruments can share the amplifier. It’s tiresome to have to bring an amplifier for each instrument, and having to choose between the bass and the guitar is a pity.

After a while my neighbour told me he had an old bass guitar he hadn’t used in over 10 years (his wife didn’t even know he had it). At the time he wanted to start a punk-noise-pop-ish band with friends, but it never became a reality. When he asked me if I wanted to have it, I couldn’t refuse. I’ve always been attracted by bass guitar, but I never bought one, this was the opportunity. The E-string is missing, and the volume potentiometer is noisy, but nothing I can’t fix. Thanks a lot Cédric !

Then Ivan mentioned that he had an old synthesizer at home which he didn’t use anymore, a Roland D-20. So I borrowed it for an indeterminate period of time. I’m hoping to use it to create 80’s style synth sounds (Can I smell Dépêche mode?).