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Welcome to my personal blog.

My ambition here, is to keep track of the numerous projects I start and sometimes finish, and to bookmark some of the more interesting reads I find while looking for information on the world wide web. As such, the target audience of this site is not so much you as me, although I hope that some of the information I share here may be useful or inspiring to you, and will cause you to remember me when you need a developer for a software project.

I’m only a sporadic blogger. Long times without updates don’t mean I’m dead, but might indicate that I’m working or hacking on a personal project. Choosing between keeping this site up to date and developing something new and challenging is easy for me. The latter always wins.


  1. jul says:

    salut voyou.

    alors ton mail ne fonctionne pas… m’enfin, je t’ai trouvé ailleurs.
    bah a plus dans le bus alorS.

    see you.


  2. Andere Martijn says:

    Hi, ik wil je een mail sturen over een pagina die niet meer op je site staat.. maar ik kan nergens een contact form vinden of je mail adres?


  3. Martijn says:

    Hé andere Martijn !

    Ik zag net je comment op mijn niet-zo-up-to-date site. Alles goed ? Wat zocht je precies ?

    Je kunt me bereiken op dit adres:


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