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Duckbox MIDI USB controller

January 28th, 2013 by Martijn Leave a reply »


A quick post about an electronics project from 2008. This is a the Duckbox. It’s a simple MIDI controller in an bent and drilled VHS cover, which proved to be more rugged than I expected. As you can see, it’s been mistreated (and spilt on) quite a bit over the past years. It runs software USB on an ATTiny26 AVR microcontroller. It proved to be fairly useful in combination with the FP-4 Manager application.

Unfortunately I seem to have misplaced the schematics, but I’m sharing its firmware in the attachment below in case anyone is interested.

CC Remapper

This is a screenshot of CC-Remapper, the application I wrote to remap the controller numbers that the Duckbox uses so I could use it with software synthesizers with fixed controller numbers. It is also included in the attachment.

More information in the included README files.

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