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Archive for March, 2011

Tool to encode, tag and rename audio files

March 16th, 2011

Wanting to put some order in my collections of band rehearsals, I dug up an old tool I once wrote to automatically tag mp3 files, and extended it to also automatically convert and rename them.

It runs under Linux, and needs a few perl modules and external programs depending on what you want it to do. (MP3::Tag, vorbiscomment, oggenc, lame, mplayer, String::Approx). Modules are loaded dynamically, so you need all of them.

Because some examples say more than…

# Tag and rename all files in current directory using fuzzy match
# against info.txt
# Tag all mp3 files using info.txt, assuming the filename starts 
# with the track number and -
$mytagtool --match "%n - " *.mp3
# Encode all wav files to ogg, and tag using files.txt
$mytagtool -o ogg --info-file files.txt *.wav
# Recode all ogg files as mp3, and rename them using a pattern.
$mytagtool -o mp3 --force -n "%track:02d%. %album% (%year%) - %title%" *.ogg

An info file would look like this:

artist: Urban Caravan
album: Répèt du 8 mars
year: 2011
1. Smoke & Whiskey
2. A'Prova
3. Urban Caravan

Voilà. This script is pretty much untested, so if you want to try it, I would advise you to use the –simulate and –verbose options to see what happens.

Use the perldoc for much more information.

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