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Script idea

October 17th, 2008 by Martijn Leave a reply »

I noticed I often tend to type the same sequences of commands when I look for files in a directory. For instance: “ls *mp3”, followed by “ls *ogg” if there aren’t any mp3s. Repeating such commands makes me feel like a cymbal-banging monkey, so what I need here is a script that does the boring stuff for me (and guesses my mind. and makes coffee. Damn, I’m hungry now.)

This is a (late night) attempt:

use strict;
use warnings;
use File::Glob qw(:globally :nocase);
my %types = (
    audio => [ qw/mp3 ogg wmv wav voc flac/ ],
    video => [ qw/divx avi wmv ogm flv mpg mpeg/ ],
    pictures => [ qw/jpg jpeg tiff tif pcx bmp png svg/ ],
    archives => [ qw/rpm deb tgz tar.gz zip rar iso/ ],
    docs => [ qw/txt nfo doc pdf/ ],
    web => [ qw/htm html css/ ],
    scripts => [ qw/pl py sh lua/ ],
    code => [ qw/c cpp h hpp/ ],
sub abort_with_help {
    print "Syntax: list <type>\nWhere type in:\n";
    print "* $_: " . join(', ', sort @{$types{$_}}) . "\n" for keys %types;
    exit -1;
abort_with_help unless my $type = shift;
unless (exists $types{$type}) {
    print "No such type.\n";
my $glob = '*.{' . join(',', @{$types{$type}}) . '}';
if (my @files = glob($glob)) {
    print "$_\n" for (@files);
} else {
    print "No $type files found in the current directory.\n";

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