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Introducing the beatplugin for audacious

July 22nd, 2008 by Martijn Leave a reply »

A long time ago, in a country far far away, I once wrote a winamp plugin to detect rythms in the music and make an old traffic light react to the sound using the parallel port. Now this plugin has been ported to audacious, and has been improved quite a bit.

Because I’m too lazy to describe all the changes and features, here are some screenshots of the configuration screens. The 3 bands can be tuned to a large scale of behaviours and can be mapped to any of the 8 data bits on the parallel port.

Channel configuration panel

Channel configuration panel

Parallel port configuration

Parallel port configuration

The next screenshot shows the visualisation screen (reacting to Chick Corea in this case). Of course a still image doesn’t say much. Simply put, the big bars are the beats, the little ones on the left the sound level for a band and the ones on the right the averaged sound level. The full algorithm and all the settings are explained in the plugin documentation.

Algorithm visualisation

Algorithm visualisation

I wanted to add a picture of my experimental LED setup, but my camera is so bad that it’s just not worth it. I’ll wait until my friend Raimo has time to connect his traffic light and take a picture for me. Maybe he will even provide me with the schematics of his parallel port to 220V bridge.

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  1. kovo says:

    Great plugin, but I have two problems:
    first, You must have older versions of audacious in my case 1.5.3 and I have a question if there is a posibility to remake/run this plugin with version 2.3, but if not its not problem to downgrade using ubuntu 8.10 repositories for me
    second, i have notebook without LPT port but i want to buy some convertor from usb to lpt …. i see the field in plugin settings where I can adjust /dev/parportX, but i make some research that usb to lpt convertor will appear as /dev/usblp or something like that do you think that setting plugin to /dev/usblp will solve the problem ?

    I am using ubuntu 10.04 on all my machines

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